Cooper Creek United Methodist Church

.5209 Mingo Road, Denton, TX 76208         Phone 940-565-9070                            Sunday Service 9:30 AM                                                Sunday School  8:30 AM

Sermons by Joel Scheller

A Eunuch Perspective

All or Nothing

The Need to Heed

Martha & Mary

Need vs Greed


What Does Faith Produce?

Some Scary Words

Holy Days or Godly Ways?

Dogs & Cats

Count the Cost

Celebrate or Debilitate

Children of Light Do What’s Right

This is the Place for Grace

Stay the Course

Thankfulness is next to Godliness


Memoirs of a Martyr

Zacchaeus, In Short

Life in Death

Are You Comfortable?

Who is Jesus?

Advent Attitude

John the Baptist and Us

Its OK, Jesus Has Been There

Peter, Peter, Clean Food Eater

My Cup of Tea

Abide or Divide

The Beatitudes

Mortals’ Light Salt

All You Need is Love

Worry or Worship?

I’ll Huff, & I’ll Puff, & I’ll Blow Your House Down

Sin, Sin, Where to Begin?


Lazarus Lessons

The Cross

Easter Rags

Faith Focus

Flock to Mother

Get a Piece of the Rock

What is Your Witness?

Like Father, Like Son

That’s The Spirit!

Feeling Isn’t Always Appealing

Majoring in the Minors

Is Gay OK?

The Herald